I'm stealing some thoughts from a old devotional book by E. Stanley Jones copyright 1922.  Think of life like a chess game Jesus is one player and evil is the other and we are the pieces. As God directs us to move to certain areas to defeat evil we decide not too, free will. But at the same time He often disciplines us (Heb 12:10) so we get the picture and make a better choice next time so as to defeat evil. But still, free will, we have to make the choice to go in the direction God is leading. Don't you think God gave us freewill so we can defeat evil together. I believe He can do it without us but He chose to do it with us. In any good relationship love is given freely, not manipulated, not out of fear, but freely. God demonstrated His love for you buying dying on the cross for our sins and then conquering death ,evil, and raising from the dead so we can have a blessed life. God said through Jesus I lOVE yOU. We are not molded pieces on the chess board of life. We are made of flesh and blood and can choose to love or hate follow or lead do right or wrong and God made us that way.