The prophet Malachi (messenger) points out one of many issues that the priests  of Israel had. They thought it was ok to allow unqualified offerings to God. Instead of obeying Gods law, witch they knew, they thought it was ok to disregard the rules and make up their own, to suit there unreasonable picture of the almighty God. Because the priests, leaders of the temple, disregarded the greatness of God they led a nation to go down the same road of not respecting God. The problem was not that they did not believe in God or did not obey God. No, the problem was they, as many folks in and out of leadership today, forgot who God is. Solomon wrote in proverbs that to "fear  God is the beginning of wisdom" and when you lose your respect and proper vision of God, you bring the bar down to where you can reach, then bad things happen. God asked Job, "where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. . . "  The prophet Malachi reminded the priests that they need to respect God.  And by doing so allowing God, who is for us not against us, to restore a right relationship with the priests and all of Israel. God is a big big big big God and He loves you. Please do not forget who God is, like He said "did you lay out the heavens?"  Job 38 / Malachi