King Solomon dies and his son Rehoboam becomes king. His first order of business is to get his work force back in order and establish his leadership. One of Solomon's competitors Jeroboam now Rehoboam soon to be ale or foe ask for some concessions in the market place. Rehoboam seeks out council from Dad's think tank advisers and they highly advice on the concessions. But, Rehoboam asks a council of his contemporaries (butt kissers) and they say no to the concessions and he goes with his peers. What happens next, well there were twelve tribes in the kingdom that followed David and Solomon and Rehoboam lost ten because he took Bad Advice!  So, how do you know if you are taking bad advice? 1. It's all about you. 2. It's all about you. 3. It's all about you. Rehoboam first council said let's take care of the folks in the work force. The second group said show them who you are, it's all about you. Be wise and always consider what the Bible would say,"love your neighbor," because it's not about you. Jesus, Others, You JOY.