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As I walked into the I C U at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix I was greeted by a title Wave of Emotions. There is no way anyone can prepare themselves for what their eyes would see or their ears would hear. Although I thought I knew what to expect I was taken back by the love that was thrown around me from Daniel the father, who just a few months ago lost his Dad, and now lost his 33 year old daughter. My cousin Linda the mother of Lauren, embracing her daughter who was there but wasn't, and was not ready to let go. Tyler holding his oldest son Jonah weeping as this boy was trying to comprehend what had happened and Spencer the younger son 2 being corralled by his Grandmother and Aunt. Another Aunt taking pictures and videos to capture the moment for a later date so these two young men could see the care and love that was there for their mom. Then all stopped and Tyler began to share from his heart the qualities of his wife. Anyone who met her became her friend, her love for her boys, her love for him, the relationship and faith she had in God and the love for her family. . . Then with a peace that truly surpasses all understanding Tyler confirms that his wife is in heaven and is doing fine.

I was asked to lead the family in a prayer. There was nothing left to say but to thank the lord for the time we all had to know His gift Lauren and ask Him for the Grace to move forward and be a blessing as Lauren was.

No one expects a surgery to go south, nor lose a child before you are gone.  No one expects life to hurt. but it does. I remember a sermon I heard years ago on the first chapter of the book of James where God tells us that we will all encounter various trials.  I remember, whoever saying, that trials are like rain storms maybe even hurricanes and without them we would all live in a desert. What grows in a desert; nothing! We hate those rain storms, but they are necessary and we all know it.  Then the good Lord tells us that we should count these all as Joy! what, is God crazy? NO!!!  I myself and maybe you have gone through some thunderstorms that you thought no way you were going to make it out.  But now, you are able to hold a friend's hand, wrap your arms around them and assure them God has a plan. You may think that that wave of emotion will drown you, but take heed it's only a bath to clean you up for greatness.

Please continue to pray for Tyler, Jonah 5 and Spencer 2     

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